Thursday, August 21, 2008

gosh, that looks boring!

i really love the power of this image, especially in the day and time that we live. you know, in the early 1900's, they didn't have hardly any electronic based entertainment. the best it got was a radio or a record player. many households at certain times of the day or afternoon, would gather around listen to the news or radio shows. entertainment was human based. plays, movies, music, dance, radio, social clubs, sports, - etc. was the entertainment of the day. this is how people passed their time if they were not working. it gave a sense of community because humans relied directly on each other for almost every part of their lives. now-a-days youth rely on things like fake animated characters, or ipods, or the like so as to tune the world out. faceless names on a computer screen seperated by the internet, lying to one another about how cool they really are, or at best let's take our most flattering somewhat sexy digital snapshot of ourselves so that we can upload it on myspace. it's the mp3 and video game generation. it's sensationalism, and we cant get enough. special effects 10 years ago are cheesy now. we need more and more and more .... dulling our minds until we can't feel anymore. it's got to taste sweeter, sound fuller; more eye candy, more more more. most people live only in the world of their five senses, shutting themselves off- and the whole time the idea of community is dying. most people never reach beyond this world of their senses, and the whole time, the temple is empty, waiting for His presence; while most are somewhere out there beyond the outer courts.... Paul said, "dont you know that you are a temple of the Holy Spirit?" God forbid that we should be ever so distracted.... i can feel it some times trying to creep in. let's sit down for a long while and "listen....."

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