Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Don't Just Do Something, Stand There!

i was listening to a sermon on the radio yesterday, and i was really impressed by this guy. i have heard him before on several occasions, still not sure what his name was though.

anyway, he was talking about how Jesus Christ's sacrifice on the cross for our sins was and is good enough permanently. we don't have to add anything to it, and as a matter of fact...when we try to earn his salvation, or when we feel like we are not good enough for it, we are essentially saying that what he achieved on the cross, is not good enough, nor is it powerful enough to reach us in our mess. this of course is by far, not the case. what Jesus did for us that day has made us COMPLETELY whole and without sin. hard to grasp huh? it is for me too, but i do believe it. i believe not with my mind, but through faith. romans chapter 7 and 8 are great. check out 7:17.

i think after the realization of this, we need to not take this for granted, nor sin more so that grace can abound...but let this realization compel us to make right decisions. even when you do what you don't want to do, Jesus' blood is good enough and powerful enough. the realization of this is the start of our abundant life. it's in this fullness of life that we really start to see sin for what it is. it's terrible, it's ugly, and it's powerless. as we get to know Him, and hang out with him more, we'll start looking more like Him - this is what sanctification means. what a joy! what great news! Christ's death on the cross and His resurrection has conquered sin and death! it's good enough.


Edgar said...

Casey, this is awesome and very timely. I've actually been reading in Romans lately. I really love 12:1-2. I know many people, including myself, that get caught up in trying to figure out what God wants us to do and what His "perfect will" is for our lives. Paul tells us by placing our everyday decisions before Him, by choosing to follow Him instead of trying to blend in with the world, we allow Him to transform us like a caterpillar is transformed into a butterfly. Sometimes, we spend so much time trying to change ourselves or our situations, but if we would just stop and be quiet in the presence of Jesus, we might realize that all the answers to all our questions and all the solutions to all our problems are found in intimacy with Him.

benim said...

Sho nuf! Now regarding mullets, how many of us try to hide the mullet on our hearts?