Thursday, August 14, 2008

all together now! i love this picture....this picture is from the early 1900's. for some reason it reminds me of the church. what do you think? what does it speak to you?
I think it could be a really great album cover for a punk record.


Jessica said...

Hey... how's this remind u of the church?

Edgar said...

yeah, you could expound on that a bit, c-dawg. cool picture though. it speaks to me that life was much more enjoyable back in the days when everything was black and white.

i like the idea of the punk album cover. i just recently thought up a cool name for a punk band. the didits. i've been playing my strat a lot lately too. who knows maybe we'll shave our heads, start a band and take the world by storm!

Casey Campbell said...

well, i was thinking when i wrote that about how i really loved this picture because of the way they are all joining in, in one purpose...there's a feeling of fun with this picture and at the same time this moment of abandonment...totally (seemingly) unaware that they just had their picture taken. There they are 80 years ago suspended in air in their youth. i also love the clothes and hairstyles and especially the shoes. it has such a purity about it all. i also had a thought yesterday that i should count how many there are that are jumping. i thought i was smart because i saw the "one" hidden. so, i thought 9. but then my eyes caught another totally not noticeable. in some strange way, i wish i could tell this person that i noticed her in the picture.