Friday, November 7, 2008

KATZENCLAVIER - What Everyone Wants For Christmas!

I have decided to open a new business specializing in animal based musical instruments. My first custom built instrument will be the Katzenclavier. Basically, it's a piano type instrument in which the keys are connected to a nail. When pressed, it will ram itself into the tails of different sized and aged cats - therefore producing different "meow"-type tones. The hardest part is picking the cats. You have to make sure that each cat has a different note in their "meow" that will correspond to each note on the keyboard. I have finished the instrument itself, now off to the animal shelter!

p.s. - i am excited to see what chords sound like.

*this is a joke... don't call the spca on me


Donna McElhannon said...

I'm calling the SPCA!!!!!

Edgar said...

I personally don't see anything wrong with this idea. Furthermore, don't you think that it is more humane to give a stray cat the opportunity to contribute to society by expressing themselves musically. Moreover, why should a society that sees nothing wrong with ripping open the skulls of unborn babies to vacuum out their brains see anything wrong with a few small pricks of a rusty nail to the tail of a scraggly old unwanted cat that will probably be euthanized and sent to a high school biology lab for dissection experiments anyway? In addition, one plus one equals two and so on and so forth. Finally, the end.